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Inspire Cafe-Bar


Christchurch Spire,
New Union Street,
West Midlands,


Outrageously good cafe bar in, wait for it, Coventry's 13th century Christchurch Spire. Getting a seat is nigh on impossible - but, this aside, the food and service (particularly the service) is phenomenal. Belgian beer is the house speciality, music goes live on a Thursday - but the essence of Inspire is its idiosyncratic but brilliant translation of the continental street bar and dining experience to Britain. The vibe of cosmopolitan city life means you could be in Amsterdam or Paris - but you know you\'re in England in all the good ways that conversation drifts from life philosophy to football with scarecely a wink from the staff and, on a good day, the noise of laughter and chatter becomes an anthem. Unique, pure and ... perfect.Truly world class, for many, Inspire is just about as good as café culture can get. One of the Midlands ... in fact, one of the UK\'s, best kept secrets, Inspire really does what it says on the can ...

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