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Home to the magnificent medieval Warwick castle, famously built by William the Conqueror in 1068. The castle was rebuilt in the 12th century in stone replacing the old wooden structure, later to be refortified during the "Hundred Years War", the castle was used a stronghold until the early 17th century.

Warwick itself is situated on a sandstone bluff at a bend of the River Avon. Over the years the river has eroded the rock which the castle sits on which helped create natural defences. Other tourist attractions include "Flight of the Eagles" (a bird show, featuring bald eagles, vultures, and sea eagles), archery displays, Jousting, and "The Sword in the Stone Show".

Warwick has lots of other exciting and interesting attractions and has been a must visit place for travellers for many decades. It hosts annual festivals ranging from the Spoken Word to contemporary, classical and folk music. It is also home to Warwick Racecourse which hosts many horse race meetings throughout the year.

Warwick has also featured in a number of television series, including the BBC's Dangerfield, Pride and Prejudice and Granada Television's Moll Flanders.

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